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Loading up for our next Journey!

Well, its official, for 2 weeks we are officially out of our old kitchen and getting ready for to move into the next! I guess its a good thing we are in our slower month and don’t need to prep events in between.

Day 1 of 2018, we pulled up to the old kitchen. It was freezing outside and earlier than we’d planned but we were jusy too anxious to get this day started. We turned on a wedding mix on our iTunes radio to get us in the mood for a day of fun. This calls for some celebrating! I think its time for a Bloody Mary! Cheers to the old and new, cheers to You & Me!

A full day of packing up boxes and sharing wonderful memories of the past 2 years in this kitchen that gave us our start. The place where we started to grow from a small 2 person company to a busy little business with 20 -30 on and off employees. What a ride!

Despite our day being much, much colder than anyone should have to hang out in and waaaaaaay longer than expected, we were getting boxes packed and loads taken to the storage unit just as hoped. Who knew that we had so much stuff?!

Our amazing crew showed up right on time and even brought extra hands to make light work of the rest of the move out. We could not do what we do without them. I had hoped to get a picture of them all but getting them all to stay in one spot while busy bees is a whole lot harder than it might seem.

We sure filled up the trailer quickly. A bit more organization needed but off to storage we go. Another fill up and drop off and the rest of the job was all but finished. All the dishes were washed up, all the counters and floors scrubbed to a shine. Trash was on its way out the door and we bid our crew good night.

And then, once again, there were 2. As we did our final walk through of our space we were of course, bittersweet. So many memories, so much fun, so much hard work. We are so excited for our next journey, our next adventure. We walked every square inch, being sure we hadn’t missed anything. Wrote one last note of thanks to our kitchen mates, took a last picture of our shelves and said good bye.

So much to feel; excited, thrilled, emotional, READY! Let’s do this!

Y’all come back soon, the adventure continues!

with love,