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The Taste of Temptation

This must truly be why a Tempranillo is named the way it is. It is a Temp-tation on the palette with bold rich flavors and velvety tones. The 2014 Estate Tempranillo that #valleymillsvineyard has created is simply delicious, simply decadent, simply tempting.

There are so many amazing flavors happening within this bottle that pairings could truly go so many directions. Hints of sweet berry, undertone of an earthy warmth, almost smokey. We want to sample this with cheese, a tart, crystal like crunch. Perhaps something sweet. Maybe a thick peach or plum or apricot. Earthy next, like mushrooms or truffles and hearty. So many directions and then it all came together perfectly. Cheese Boards. Its perfect. A pairing for every flavor on the palette. A cheese board for every table. Both beautiful and delectable.

The Star Players on our cheese boards most definitely must be ~

The Cheese... Smoked Gouda, Pecan Encrusted Bleu Cheese topped with Honey Comb, Aged White Cheddar, Torched Brie.

The Sweet... Spicy Blueberry Bourbon Jam & Spiced Peach Preserves, our own creations, Exotic hand picked fruit

The Savory... Truffle Salami, the absolute best, Thinly sliced Prosciutto, Castelvetrano Olives, Cornichons

Cliche? Maybe so. Perfect despite its supposed simplicity.

Certainly one of my all time favorite eats and to pair with this lovely wine, it doesn't get any better, y'all!

Y'all come back soon, the adventure continues!

with love,


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