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Fill 'er Up!

Though our gorgeous new kitchen has all the "necessities" to qualify us as a #kitchen, its a bit lacking in equipment.

Well, I guess a bit lacking is a gross understatement. Other than those now seemingly magical components we spoke about during our last adventure, we seem to be short just about everything. Somewhere out there, I'm sure that restaurant equipement must grow on trees. However, I just need some directions. Until I find said elusive trees, i'll be stuck doing things the old fashioned way, buying them off the shelf.

If you think I'm paying full retail to buy off those shelves, darlin', you surely are mistaken.

Our bargain hunting began as any self respecting search would; with Craigslist! An online auction stood out as it was nearby and of course, less travel for huge equipment equals a win in my book. It was not to close however until late January. Too late, as we are talking basic necesities here such as an oven and refrigerator, we couldn't waste any time. A bit further down the page on the same auction site was one in Fort Worth. Well, that's not too far, now is it? It also happened to be closing in 10 hours, which usually means that if people haven't completely outbid you on everything, that you are somewhat likely to actually have a whack at some of those larger items. BINGO! A roll in fridge for our speed racks and it was currently at a $300 bid. Now if you have ever looked up the price of one of these bad boys you would have seen that these go for oh, about 10x that! No joke. So I said, what the heck, Im going for it and if I have to drive 3 hours each way to get it, it will still be worth it. We put in the next bid and the highest we were willing to pay for it and clicked away. Now would y'all believe that 10 short hours on auction, 6 hours driving, 3 hours loading and unloading later we are the proud new owner of a - brand new!! - less than 6 month old roll in! I mean, honestly, could we have lucked out more?! I think not.

Well, somewhere in that 10 hour waiting period to find out if we won the roll in, we also stumbled across another Craigslist find. A local resale shop of restaurant equipment!! One has never loaded a family into a truck faster & off we went adventuring agian. A few attempts at bargaining, a replacement oven bulb and propane line later and we also happen to have of a commercial convection oven, stand and stainless steel prep table! All for thousands less than I would have paid at the store.

I am one happy little lady and we are well on the way to filling up our corner of the world. A pinch of TLC, a dash of patience and a smidgen of late night searching is all you need.

Y'all come back soon, the adventure continues!

with love,


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