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Embarking on new Real Estate

Updated: Dec 27, 2017

Our search for a new commercial kitchen has taken on an exciting twist!

So it begins... We have just signed for our very own kitchen and it has been the biggest roller coaster of anticipation and challenge one could posbily imagine.

Whomever said that finding the right spot was easy was out of their cotton pickin' mind!

Discovering our need to move into a new kitchen right at the beginning of a very busy Holiday and Wedding season was a bit of a shock. We knew deep down the time was coming when we would outgrow our tiny space, we just hoped it could sneak by just a little bit longer. It was not to be and we had to take action; soon.

We started out, as Im sure everyone does when faced with a similar situation, thinking in circles about all the possible directions we could take this #opportunity. Find space in a commissary to rent for a while until we had time to be out of the busy season and into some quiet... nope, no where to be found, at least not for less than multi thousands for the often varied needs of a caterer. Ok, no problem, on to another. Find an old restaurant! ... Insert 3 events in 2 days here...

Ha! Good luck with this one. Either they are snapped up so quickly by the actual restaurants who want a, well, you guessed it, restaurant. Or they are so ginormous and expensive that you could fit 8 of our little catering companies in them and still holler end to end. Moving on. Hang on one sec, prep for 3 days and then run another 4 events in one week.

Back to searching. How about a build out? So many places are booming into construction now, there must be newly built spaces for a small, budding catering company. Well, kind of. Oh, just a moment, event, dish, event, dish, prep, prep, event, event, sleep.

By that I mean that it would take 8 months or more to build it out the way you want to becasue even the ones that are "finished" are still only 4 studded open walls on a solid concrete slab. Our needs are somewhat more complex than that, unfortunately. With floor drains, multiple sinks, vent hoods and the ever imposing grease trap looming over our heads or under our feet as it were. Kind of at a stand still here. Nevertheless we continue our search. Shop, prep, event, prep, event, dish, event.

The perfect solution, buy a venue!! Yes, this was the perfect option. Except not really. A venue means a big investment and we really aren't in a place to do that quite yet without the help of an investor. By help I mean "help". We built this business with our bare hands from the ground up and we arent ready to invite someone in to give us their vision just now. The venue part was a really big tug for us though as our dream in life is the venue. A few good pushes but ultimately it was not the right path. Oh, yeah... event event event, sensing a trend? ;)

Then it happened, after getting pretty close to the preverbial tether at the end of said rope. A wholesale food company was moving out of state with a kitchen that had some very key componenets already in place. Remember those vent hoods, grease traps and floor drains I mentioned back there. Those! It was larger than we had been looking at but much potential was staring us right in the face. Really though, it was the light. The light in this place was divine and dare I say, Inspiring? We could actually see ourselves working here, producing here, growing here and thriving here. Yikes, there was a lot to talk over.

After weeks of searching, had we really just found a space we could call our very own? Could it possibly be and if so could we make it happen? A few sleepless nights and many, many phone calls later and it was so!!

Can y'all believe it?? I know, me too!! I keep pinching myself to be sure it is true. I may have a couple of sore arms but we have a #kitchen!

What's even more exciting... all that extra room we weren't sure what to do with is now going to be the home of Pearl Snap Cuisine Kitchen! A #bakery/#cafe if you will with daily specials and exciting treats and eats along side a colorful and beautiful #boutique. This is part of our journey that we never expected but we are jumping in with both feet; absolutely so excited to do so!

We hope y'all will come see us in our new space. Coming February 2018!

Y'all come back soon, the adventure continues!

with love,


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