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A Kitchen, A Cafe!

What a week it has been! One honestly has no idea how much minutia goes into opening your own little slice of the pie.

Back and forth on inspections and registration and inspections and paperwork. I must say that it would be so wonderful if, when you purchase or lease a building or type of business, the city office would have 1 simple packet for every type of business

that you could literally check off the boxes and turn it all in at once and then have every inspection signed, sealed and delivered. This has yet proved to be the case.

Trials of business aside, this has been a very exciting week!! We have made several trips to the storage unit, unloaded, organized, arranged and rearranged so many pieces of equipement and furniture. Most of it covered up the front half of our kitchen; stacked here, there and everywhere. All waiting for us to get a few minutes of down time to delve in and create magic! A few sick days and freezing temps pushed us back a tiny bit but an "Ice Day"proved to be the perfect time for us to get into the space and make it our own.

Tuesday morning dawned clear and cold! We finally had a day without appointments, at least until late that night and we figured this would be the perfect day to start work. Tiny problem... it was iced over everywhere! Everyone was afraid to leave their houses, all schools, goverment offices and most small businesses were closed. Even most freeways were closed! Well, we have great big truck, I'm sure we can do this.

Out we set, slowly traversing the harrowing streets ;) Im pretty sure we only saw patches of ice on one bridge and not any again until we parked the truck at the kitchen. There were tiny icicles on the overhangs as we pulled up. So pretty and yet, so secretly dangerous. Out I stepped, Grabbed my bags, arms full and a cute new plant in hand for the counter top. One turn and a step toward the door. Next thing I knew I was being scooped up off the ground by my sweet husband. Plant on the ground and some new bruises to show for it. What a start to the day. It made things quite a bit slower on my side but by the days end we had moved and organized every box, put together all of our tables and got some things set up and looking pretty!

The rest of the week has been a lot of checking off boxes, small moves, collecting the items that we need, setting up new tables, dancing around our kitchen and challenging eachother to 'Chopped' style cooking competitions with the fun and totally random ingredients on hand. We have been right by each others side the entire time and have supported and strengthened eachother through the process. We are excited to be making introductions and meetings, setting up some exciting things to come to our new cafe.

We absolutely cannot wait until we are finally able to open things up. We want to meet each and every one of you and see your smiling faces! We want to learn all about you and the things you love! Ready and set to hit the ground running. Here we go!!

Y'all come back soon, the adventure continues!

with love,


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